Hey! So you want to contribute to the world of IT? That's awesome! We are always looking for people that want to share their interesting, fresh, new, or deeper perspectives on technology.

Whether you are an experienced writer, want to write your first article or anything in between; We have a team of technologists and content specialists in our editorial office to help you to get your post to the next level.

Depending on your needs, they can help with anything from style and form to the technical details of your topic. This way the To The Root community gets the best and you shine on To The Root showing off your best work.

Ready? Let's get started!

Steps to contribute

  1. *Introduce yourself and the topic you're are working on in an email to
  2. **We make sure you have a To The Root account
  3. Together, we work towards the final version of your content
  4. Once you are happy, you issue the post to the editorial team for a final review
  5. Your post is shared on our platform!

*Meta data

Alongside the main content of your post, we'd like to get some meta data.

  • A cover image: an image that is used in previews and on the detail page
  • Category (just 1, see possible values in the header)
  • Tags (up to 5 hashtag-like terms)

And, if you want to post an article that was posted somewhere else before:

  • Original date (if you posted the article somewhere else first)
  • Link to original article so we can reference it

If you are unable to provide these, we will help you out with all of them.

**To The Root account

The posts on To The Root are all written by people with To The Root accounts. It would be nice if you have a To The Root account already, so we can link your account to the post as the author. You can create one on our website. We can also create an account for you if you don't have one yet.


What about the rights to my content?

If your article gets published, the rights to the post still belong to you. If, for any reason, you want your post removed or changed, just let us know and we will remove or change it right away.

What types of content do you support?

At the moment, most content on To The Root are articles. But this does not mean that this is the only type of content we support. We can embed videos in a post, for instance. Just get in touch if you have creative ideas with your favorite type of content and we can probably find a way to get it done.

How long should the content be?

As much as we like going into detail, your post doesn’t have to be very long. It can even be a tweet-like post, linking to an article with your short opinion on it. As long as you think it can help people out, or it gives us a new insight, it is welcomed on To The Root.

What difficulty level are you looking for?

We’re not only looking for the most complicated content, your latest insight - regardless of how complex or novel it is - could very well be the next step for many others. So, if you feel your post can add value to the professional lives of others, let’s get it out into the world to help people achieve greater things.

Is there a Manifesto I can read?

Yes, we do! Here is a Manifesto, where the editorial office describes their values. Give it a read if you like.